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    Sports Appliances Sports Appliances

    Sports appliances, a newly products developed by Weijia in the recent years, including the Sports rehabilitation supplies with various functions for the elderly and physical weakness crowd, which is aiming to enhance the training of rehabilitation for one or a few functions of body, and the sports leisure products for the amateur relaxation and the improvement of the physical fitness (such as yoga supplies, etc.). The elderly and physical weakness crowd, a special community, may require the extra care. However, under current situation, people can not give them more attention unavoidably because of the rushed work. Besides, most of the traditional sports appliances are not suitable for use in this community owing to the excessive movement or over-intensive exercise. Based on this background, we developed a series of sports rehabilitation equipments, which are specifically applicable for this group. The characteristics of the products are as following: ? Lower exercise intensity, while the exercise intensity will be accumulated by lengthening the exercise time ? Easy-doing, while all acts can be operated on one’s own. ? Lower risk and the unexpected risk will hardly happen in the course of exercise ? Movement and the daily operations combines well, with a good convenience; ? Most of the equipments can be used for household for the low requirement of space.